How do you want to explore the next level of your coaching?


Coaching Supervision

With the ever increasing requirement for quality, and a more professional Coaching Profession, it has never been more important for modern successful coaches to maintain and develop both themselves and their coaching practices.

Considering your internal reflexive practice needs

  • The quality of your coaching is important to you.
  • You wish to develop your overall breadth of awareness and competence.
  • You are curious to know what kind of coach you are.
  • You want gain clarity on what kind of coach you want to be.
  • You want to explore how your style and approach affects yourself, clients and outcomes.
  • You want to explore the different demands coaching teams has on you and your clients.

Considering your external practice

  • You want to become an accredited coach and hence need to be “under supervision”
  • Your organisation expects you to be driving your own continual personal development
  • You want to explore challenging client experiences and consider alternative approaches.
  • You want to maintain innovation in your coaching.
  • You want to build,support and develop your own ongoing CPPD programme.
  • You want to build the professional quality offering of your coaching practice

So can I find out what type of coach I am?

Coaching Signature Profile

The Parallax Supervision programme is tailored to each individual and includes the opportunity to find out your own:




Learn what your preferred style of coaching is.


The web-based Coaching Signatures Profile generates eight different coaching styles and measures the emergent relational space between the coach and coachee and the environment. The model provides a framework for coaching supervision to develop and extend the supervisee’s repertoire of coaching styles, increasing coaching effectiveness and ability in whatever context you encounter.

What happens now?

The aim is to motivate, energise and inspire continued curiosity into your coaching practice.

Our accredited coaching supervisor is Chris Rew (Oxford Brookes University accredited). Chris uses a combination of psychodynamic and gestalt approaches, he will help individuals to learn and develop from their own experiences, both in the moment and upon reflection of their own practices.

He can help you:

  • Build confidence, encourage and enable your own ability to deliver change for your clients.
  • Identify “how you get in your own way”.
  • Explore your work with Team coaching supervision as well as individual coaching.
  • Uncover the wider context  –  Intra/Inter organisational impacts on your coaching practices.
  • Manage boundary challenges and ethical dilemmas.
  • Build your awareness of how your ego, and leadership style, impacts your coaching.
  • Establish your Coaching Signature and preferred styles – a helpful calibration and foundation for onward development and growth.

Experience a complimentary supervision session with Chris and decide for yourself.

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