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No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

Over the last decade, we have seen an exponential rise in a number of apparently intractable issues facing organisations today. It is commonplace to see senior executives barely coping with the overwhelming workload and the complexity and pace of the modern working environment. The concentration of power and decision-making at the top of a typical organisation creates excessive bottle-necking of information travelling up and down the hierarchy. Decision-makers feel overwhelmed; workers on the front line feel frustrated. Organisations lurch from one crisis, (and re-organisation), to the next as they try to keep up with the increasing rate of change. It is true to say that all too often executives we work with are at breaking point, as are their organisations. It is clear to us that something is fundamentally broken.

Thanks to the seminal work of Frederic Laloux, captured in his game changing book, Re-inventing Organisations, there is now more clarity than ever over the cause of the problem – and its solution. At the heart of the matter is the fact that the structures of most organisations today are woefully inadequate for the environment in which they operate. Our current, rigid hierarchy evolved at the turn of the industrial revolution when stability and predictability where the norm. The structure that evolved to exploit the status quo was designed to be reliable and allow reproducibility. This was also an epoch when there was a clear sense of social status, when workers aspirations were simply to earn money to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.

Two key things have fundamentally changed; the environment and our human aspirations. Today, change is one of the few certainties we can depend upon – and the pace is accelerating exponentially. Increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity leave the rigid hierarchy, with its centralisation of power, gasping for breath and unable to keep up. At the same time, our expectations of work have also become more complex and demanding. More and more people seek a greater sense of meaning in their work, and the social media culture has lead to a higher expectation of active engagement and responsiveness.

The Teal organisation has arisen from this crisis, stimulated by the insight and courage of pioneering leaders who are now revolutionising how we do work. Teal embodies three core breakthroughs; a dismantling of rigid hierarchy and the redistribution of power into Self Managing Teams; the adoption of Evolutionary Purpose as a guiding light in decision making (and the abandonment of long term strategy making), and finally, the focus on Wholeness practices to harness unparalleled employee engagement.

The field is emergent and The Parallax Partnership are deeply immersed in the vanguard of practitioners who are charting this unfolding territory. Our specialism is in the creation of leaders who are equipped to lead this transformation in their business. However, we already have first-hand experience of assisting such leaders create the change within their own, teams, division or organisations, alongside an ever widening network of executives who are also on this journey and with whom you can learn. If you would like to discuss evolving your organisation to Teal, please contact us.

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